Toddler Unit – 10 months to 2 years

In our Toddler Unit the children enjoy a stimulating environment and are able to move between three adjacent rooms on the first floor. The children aged between 10 months and 2 years enjoy a 1:2 ratio rather than the national requirement of 1:3. We work closely with families to mirror eating, sleeping and play routines enjoyed at home. Each day there are trips to the beach and our beach hut (3 minutes away), Hove Museum, the Hove library and a variety of parks. We actively encourage lots of time outdoors in our 100 ft garden and, regardless of age, children are given the learning opportunities that meet their developmental needs. We are guided in our provision by the revised Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Throughout your child’s time at Home from Home we carefully monitor, record and celebrate your child’s learning journey. Furthermore the Keyperson builds a scrap book over time with photos and observations that allow you a window into your child’s world.