Staff – our dedicated team

Home from Home is set in a beautiful building and has a wonderful 100 foot garden but most importantly a talented and committed staff team. Our staff are articulate, bright and vivacious with a strong empathetic and caring attitude. Each member of staff has a particular strength whether through languages, music, drama or dance providing a rich, varied and caring environment for the children. We are honoured to have such an experienced , committed and well qualified team. Come in and meet them in person to understand what makes them so special!

Quotes from Staff

“Home from Home is like my second home. The team are like a family with a strong and focused management at the helm”.

“I feel so privileged to be working under such an amazing management team. As team leader I need to know the support is consistent and available when I need it”.

“Every day I come to work to enjoy happy, content, bright and energetic children. I feel as though I am making a difference. It is a place where children are educationally challenged. I can extend the children’s learning through healthy observations”.

“I love the fact that staff at Home from Home has supervisions and appraisals, are sent on courses, attend monthly staff meetings and get involved in the quality assurance scheme
Stepping through the front door each day I leave my worries behind. Working here is an inspiration. It’s like coming home”.

“I’m studying towards my NVQ3. I’m so lucky to be working amongst excellent role models. I learn something new every day”.

“The families that attend Home from Home make up a community of likeminded, positive people with a vested interest. It’s great working amongst people who are all committed to achieving the very best”.

“The work ethic at Home from Home is like no other. We are all here for the same reason, to provide the best care for the children and maximise potential”.

“My favourite time of day is when I am out in the garden. Outdoor play is essential and watching the children experience a huge variety of activities whatever the weather is one of the perks of my job”.