Parents love Home from Home

Families that attend Home from Home know we always have their children’s best interests at heart. Since establishment in 2001 the nursery has become central to the lives of so many people in our community. Every morning and evening you will be greeted at the door by the senior management team who make a special effort to welcome you and your child and get to know all the family. We encourage parental participation and have an open door policy. When you drop your child off you come into the Pre-school rooms to settle your child, chat with staff and socialise with other parents. We also put on special events like a Christmas sing-a-long, leavers’ show, open evening and end of year picnic in addition to progress meetings.

Many of the Home from Home children move onto Primary schools in Hove and take their special friendships with them. This helps encourage a positive transition to ‘big school’. For parents Home from Home is often a starting point for supportive friendships that continue for years to come.

Home from Home parents are encouraged to be part of their child’s learning and contribute to the curriculum. Management regularly email parents with updates on short to long term plans. Communications also takes place through white boards, a parent information notice board, verbal interaction with staff and individual progress meetings.

Parents are asked to contribute to curriculum planning and the sharing of ideas and information about their child’s recent experiences. The Parent Information board is often laden with helpful information. Many parents are keen to contribute their skills or interests and have spent time leading workshops to include music, baking, gardening and various languages from around the world.

At Home from Home we recognise that the relationship with our parents is invaluable and that each family is different with individual needs. We positively welcome diversity and celebrate an inclusive environment.