Settling in

At Home from Home we want children to feel safe, stimulated and above all happy! It’s important for us that both parents and children feel secure and comfortable with the staff. We offer a lengthy, informative settling in period during which we support and nurture, providing reassurance and guidance. Over five consecutive days a new family will spend time building relationships and familiarising themselves with staff. A qualified practitioner who becomes the keyperson, is allocated to each family throughout this period. Through this process information is shared and bonds are built. The Keyperson continues to play an important role throughout the child’s time at nursery. At Home from Home we acknowledge that every family is unique and different. Our strength lies within the relationships we build together with you!

The Keyperson maintains detailed records of your child’s progress and gives daily feedback to parents on how the day has been spent and what your child has learned. Furthermore more formal progress meetings between parents and the keyperson take place twice year to share information, celebrate successes and address individual learning and development needs. Parents will receive a written report at this time.