What parents say about Home from Home Hove

We always welcome feedback from our parents. One of the benefits of being an independent setting is that parents have the advantage of being able to speak to the people who are accountable and make all the decisions. Here are just a few of the things parents have said about Home from Home over the years.

Words of praise and fond memories 2013

“We want to say a great big thank you for taking such good care of Evie over the past four years. She has loved coming to Nursery and has many fantastic memories. Knowing how happy she has been made everything so much easier while I was at work. She is super excited about starting school. Home from Home really has been Evie’s home from home!”

“Thank you for always being such an amazing support to Cami and I. We are going to miss seeing you so much. Home from Home really has become such a huge part of our lives. You have been such a strong influence to her. Your help in preparing her for school has been phenomenal and she is now very excited about big school.”

“We just want to say thank you all for making Luca’s time at Nursery so enjoyable and for all your hard work. He has learned so much and made so many friends. He is really going to miss everyone.”

“Charlie will miss you all and will remember his days at Home from Home forever. Thank you for his profiles which are a great way to see how he has developed.”

“Thank you so much for looking after Noah and Jackson at Home from Home. They have both been really happy throughout their time with you and I know they will miss you all so much. It’s a lovely Nursery and I have very fond memories of the boys’ time there.”

“Thank you so much for helping my child overcome her separation anxiety and making Nursery an utterly lovely experience. She will miss you.”

Fond comments pre 2013

“The name says it all. Home from Home is the next best thing to home. The general feel is completely different to all the other nurseries I visited in the area – it provides a warm and intimate environment for the children to be cared in. Whenever I have visited the Staff are always engaged with the children – and it is the staff that make the nursery such a special place. So far I have sent Grace and Henry here, and Home From Home really has exceeded my expectations of a nursery. I feel completely at ease and confident when leaving my children, and I will most definitely be sending Sadie when she is a little older.”

“Our son Liam started home from home at 15 months old and as our first child came the worries and possibly over protectiveness of our little angel! Joking aside, it was a very important decision to put our son into the care of others but very quickly, we all adapted and what made the whole process easier was the professionalism and most importantly nurturing of all the staff at the toddler unit. Liam is nearly four and soon to be one of the eldest in his final year at nursery. As proud parents of his growth and development, we owe a huge amount to the support and commitment of all the Home from Home carers and now take on the same journey with our daughter who already is getting on tremendously and has only been there for 2 weeks.”

“Now that Hannah is moving up to ‘big school’ we would just like to say a few words about our experience of Home from Home. I can clearly remember our first visit to the nursery and how we came away feeling so positive and excited about the prospect of Hannah being part of Home from Home. All the staff (past and present) have been so friendly and helpful and it is always a pleasure coming into nursery. Hannah has been really happy there and enjoyed all the different activities and learning opportunities available to her. I particularly love it when she chats to me in the car about what she’s done that morning or afternoon on our journey home. Memories to treasure! Hannah has grown so much in confidence and made many friends since she has been with you, which we believe will hugely benefit her in her transition to infant school.”

“I thought Home from Home nursery was excellent for my son. He was three when he joined for his pre-school year. During his time at Home from Home, he gained enormously in confidence socially. His physical skills like jumping also got much better from all the play in the garden. He also benefited from The Extended Learning Classes. The nursery always seemed a happy, fun place to be and I would unreservedly recommend it to other parents.”

“At Home from Home it is all about the children – the team genuinely love children and provide wonderful care and stimulation. My daughter really benefited from the excellent extended learning that Nicola had organised for the pre-schoolers. Home from Home is intimate and focused on quality of care with innovative and progressive ideas that keep abreast of the pre-school curriculum. I can hand on heart say Home form Home is the best nursery I have had experience of in Hove.”

“Both of our daughters have attended Home from Home. Their experiences there have added a very special dynamic into our family. They receive such nurture, stimulation and have so much fun that it makes them look forward to their nursery days, and talk about nursery and members of nursery Staff when they are not there. The songs and rhymes they have learned and performed at home have delighted other members of the family. The garden is a very special place, and they talk enthusiastically about it as well. All in all we are delighted!”

“My son attended Home from Home for 2 1/2 years. The nursery was always well organised and provided a stimulating and nurturing environment for the children. It has the added benefit of a great garden! There was never a day that I had concerns about leaving my son at the nursery and he has always been really happy there – I know he will miss his friends and teachers when he leaves for big school. I would be happy to recommend Home from Home to any parent.”