March 2015

Home from Home, was highly recommended to us when we moved to the area as one of the best nurseries in Hove.  We were not disappointed. From the moment we entered the nursery the feel was right, the staff came across as very personable but also professional.  It was important that the owner Nicola and the manager Emma were there to show us around. They spoke to me in detail about Isabella and what Home from Home can offer.  Once we had visited the nursery there was no need to look elsewhere.

Our care requirements were to have a nursery that would suit both Isabella and our needs as parents.   We both work and it was key for the nursery to be home-like stimulating environment where Isabella would be happy and secure. We did not want a clinical environment. A nursery should be a place where you can leave your child with the assurance that they are going to be happy and fulfilled.  A nursery must be a secure, happy, friendly and welcoming place for your child to ensure they develop in all areas. One of home from home strengths is the staff – they have a variety of skills sets which they need to ensure that our children are gaining from the right experiences in nursery.   

Isabella started in the toddler unit and it was an easy transition.  The staff to child ratio is excellent therefore she had a dedicated member of staff, Sarah, who, from the moment we joined, reassured both Isabella and me that all was well.  Sarah continually updated me on how Isabella was getting on. If she was not going to be in on a certain day e.g. due to a holiday leave, she would notified me in advance and advise who I should speak to in her absence.  This was fundamental to ensuring Isabella settled well and reassured me as her mother. 

Moving down, to pre-school was a bigger transition for me than for Isabella. My little baby was growing up! There is a lot more happening down stairs and I felt unsettled and this affected Isabella. A solution was found very quickly by Nicola the owner. Sarah came down from the toddler unit to settle Isabella at the beginning of the day. I only took a few days and Isabella was happy and again having great fun. This helped me to be comfortable and happy with the pre-school.  

Isabella loves going into pre-school has gained a wide skill set, from numerical skills to development of speech to great social skills.  At the moment Isabella loves making things, the garden and face painting. She even chooses her dress to go with her face that she wants painted that day! Home from Home is the perfect choice for parents because it offers all we were looking for in abundance.

Emma (Hove Park)